“Making Juggling Tolerable…”

Leave every notion of what you “thought” a juggler was at the door. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Ivan brings the term “High Energy” to an entirely different level by delivering an unforgettable show unlike anything you have seen before. As funny as a stand up comic, and as skilled as a chinese acrobat, Ivan has appeared on MTV, America’s Got Talent, and the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” This is why he is a favorite among corporations, colleges, trade shows, comedy clubs, cruise ships, and on the Las Vegas Strip. Whether Ivan is blindly kicking a flaming torch over his head, juggling ping pong balls using only his mouth, or having you laughing so hard that you should have worn adult diapers to his performance, his show is sure to delight any size audience, no matter the venue. Ivan’s show is guaranteed to change your mind about juggling. His comedy will have you rolling and his skills will have you amazed. If you didn’t love this art form before his show, you will after… or at least tolerate it…


Raise the Roof VetsDon’t forget to buy your tickets to the Raise the Roof event on September 20th at 2 pm!
A comedy and variety show to raise funds for Veteran housing!
Featuring comedy with Fritz Coleman, mind-melding with the Bornsteins, and comedy juggling with Ivan Pecel!
Click HERE to purchase tickets today!
Madrid Theater
21622 Sherman Way
Canoga Park, CA 91304